A Woman’s Framework for a Successful Career and Life

“The approaches outlined in A Women’s Framework for A Successful Career and Life offer women an early path to sustained career advancement. The authors provide practical, useful tips that can be put to use from day one of a woman’s career. If more women read and follow their advice, we will be well on our way to closing the leadership gap that persists today in the ranks of executive women.” – Kathryn Heath, Partner, Flynn Heath Holt Leadership

“Hamerstone and Hough’s practical tips on building your personal brand and board will resonate with women as they navigate their early career. The book’s roadmap for career success and advancement provides meaningful scenarios with clear steps to avoid the common pitfalls of professional life. Young women early in their career will glean advice and insight for their own career, but men and women of all career stages should read this book to understand their role and impact in building the next generation of leaders.” – Elissa Sangster, Executive Director, Forté Foundation

Although the work is targeted toward college women, others in this age group and beyond can benefit from its guidelines. Hamerstone (an academic) and Hough (a consultant) design the work so that it is structured enough to use in a career development class yet practical enough for personal use. . . . The book’s strength is in its breadth and practicality.” – Recommended in CHOICE

“I found this book very helpful as a recent graduate entering the workforce. The salary negotiation tips outlined in this book came in especially handy as I negotiated my salary for the first time. As suggested in the book, I did my research beforehand and maintained a cooperative tone while explaining why I deserved more than the initial offer. The HR manager said they were expecting I might request a higher salary and had already prepared a counter offer. I ended up getting $2,000 more salary per year than the first offer AND up to $2,000 in relocation expenses. It took two minutes to ask for more money and resulted in $4,000. I will never accept a job without negotiating again, after seeing how easy it was this time.”

“This book is very helpful for women (and even men) in the workplace. It points out important issues and how to combat them professionally. Every professional should read this book-the advice and helpful tips will only help you excel quicker in your career!”

“This book helped me tremendously in the often-rocky transition between undergraduate life and post-grad employment. This book offers great advice and also instills confidence to nail a job interview, reach out for networking advice and even ask for a raise. I used the techniques in this book to negotiate my salary in my first job offer!”

“As a woman under 30 who is attempting to navigate through the realities of the workplace, this book highlighted many common issues that our generation and gender encounters. Whether it be an apologetic communication style or uncomfortable negotiations, I consistently identified with the behaviors outlined regarding advancement and interaction with colleagues.”

A Woman’s Framework for a Successful Career and Life is a great book for young women in college as well as recent graduates, because it focuses on women who are at the onset of their career. The examples that illustrate the key points are relevant and each chapter breaks down the key points into digestible pieces. Having read this book in college, I am more confident in the action that I am taking to obtain the career goals that I have set for myself.”