Targeted specifically at women just entering or re-entering the workforce, A Woman’s Framework for a Successful Career and Life is a comprehensive resource for women trying to navigate and build a successful career in today’s modern, ever-changing workplace.


Why We Wrote This Book

There are a slew of great books with guidance on how women can move forward in their careers. Unfortunately, we find that because these books tend to be targeted at women closer to the midpoints of their careers, younger women aren’t being exposed to many of these important concepts early enough in their career. As a result, those fresh to the workforce are hitting roadblocks that could have been avoided in the first place. Young women may also be missing out on opportunities unique to women early in their careers. Formulating a perspective on work-life fit early in your career will influence the little decisions you make along the way, ensuring that they are consistent with your own perspective. Understanding how to build your own board of advisors enables you to pick up the best supporters along the way, instead of finding yourself stuck as a middle manager without the support base necessary to move to the leadership level. Fine-tuning a personal leadership style throughout your early career is preferable to trying to establish a leadership presence after you have already been in the workforce without one. In short, if you establish positive practices at the start of your career, you are setting yourself up for long-term success.

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A Woman's Framework for a Successful Career and Life by James Hamerstone

A Woman’s Framework for a Successful Career and Life

by James Hamerstone

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